FTLComm - Melfort - October 1, 1998

Construction is rapidly advancing on another fast food outlet for Melfort. A & W will soon be joining KFC, Dairy Queen, Subway, Macs, 7-11, and Brenda's Burgers along the strip in Melfort. The new A & W is being constructed between the Extra Foods Mall right beside the Chamber of Commerce tourist information booth and miniature golf. If you are wondering how long will it be until there is a double arch well that will have to wait until the population base achieves in access of fifteen thousand as McDonalds have set that as their threshold number for their outlets.

A&W is one of the oldest fast food franchises with its beginnings in the early fifties. Associated with the "Grease" era A&W outlets had roller skating car hops and "Teenburgers" several years before there was a "Big Mac". In the mid 60s there were three A&Ws in Regina each with thriving markets. Today there is one and it is a rather campy nostalgia orient outlet on Victoria Ave. East. While declining as street franchises A&W has done well in shopping malls were small outlets can work quite nicely with walk up traffic. Since A&W produces its products at the time of order rather then McDonald's precooked and waiting system, or Burger King's re-heat system, they command a slightly higher price. But the fast food industry is extraordinarily competitive and even McDonalds has had to shrink its already small menu to stream line its profitability In the US market both are well down the list behind Taco Bell. Soon you will be able to follow the Bear in Melfort.