FTLComm - Winnipeg - August 6, 2000

As midnight approached heading East on Ness a lady driving a Ford Astrovan decided it was time to turn left not seeing an approaching Toyota. Both drivers and their passengers evening was ruined along with a lot of sheet metal.

We in the FTLComm van came along just as the two drivers were exchanging names and addresses and a moment later an ambulance and fire department truck arrived. Interestingly enough there was no sign of law enforcement as it must have been decided that this was a matter for insurance companies to settle up on

what happened. The emergency response teams were efficient and quickly talked to the vehicle occupants and with no injuries apparent the ambulance was soon on its way while the fire department set to work cleaning up the fluids spilt onto the street.

In this picture we see the owner of the Toyota looking at the painfully damaged car as fire department people attended to spreading absorbent material on the street.