Visit to Chief Moses Ratt School, La Ronge Band, October 24, 1997

We want to share with your our visit on October 24 to Chief Moses Ratt School twenty kilometers North of La Ronge. Kathy's corner is seen above left is located at Air Ronge. Taxis are a vital part of Northern Saskatchewan life.

There were times when we were driving in light snow and this image shows the troubled early winter sky. Only minutes after the picture at left we met a school bus and the sun was shining.

La Ronge is in the Canadian Shield so massive out crops of basalt are common along the road. Winds have removed the coloured leaves from the mixed boreal forest North of La Ronge.

This small village has its church and some businesses. This little bridge gives you a view of the snow and modern homes.

A footbridge is part of the sidewalk along the main street.

The Lake extends into the village.

This bilevel split house is typical of many of the newer homes in the village. A modern medical facility providing a nursing station and offices for community health workers.

Chief Moses Ratt School is a modern elementary school. The melting snow at the main entrance tells the story of the season's change.

Impressive bicycle parking area and one hardy individual still making use of his bike. The main entrance foyer has this tree at its centre as the school stretches out from this central point.

In the library six Apple 5200 computers are busy at work. This fellow was the only individual to notice the camera and the stranger taking pictures.

Individual and group activities around the computer.

The librarian at her workstation.

Principal Sally Cook discussed the school's computers with Andrew in front of the main office. If you must go fishing, better to have a chair to sit on, right?
All images on this page made with a Hitachi Camcorder, captured with an ATI Xclaim VR card in a Motorola 3000/200 and modified with Adobe Photoshop. This page is the work of Timothy W. Shire.