FTLComm - Tisdale - October 22, 1998

So, what does Wednesday's outstanding sunset tell us. The high altitude cirrus clouds are swirling indicating that they are not on the affect of the normal high speed jet stream winds that we associate with this cloud formation. This suggests fairly stable air mass above us and suggests that we have a high pressure area that will give us sunny days and warmer temperatures. The picture at the right was taken about ten minutes prior to the one above and the profile of Tisdale Dehydration plant is just to the right of the setting sun.

Below is this morning's sunrise taken at 7:20 and shows the presence of that same cloud formation which will be there during the day but because it is so thin it will not be visible during the daylight hours.
The image on the left is the same picture as the one above only we have enhanced the playing field to reveal the presence of the Hurricane football team doing their morning workout. You may not be able to make out he players on the field but their cars are seen clearly on the right side of the image.