Snow Sculpture Winners

FTLComm - Prince Albert - February 22, 1999

After showing you the scene Saturday afternoon on the river at Prince Albert's Winter Festival it seems only fair to let you see who the winners were after the judging on Sunday.

The artist was working on the first place project on the right when we were visiting but he was intently creating his abstract flowing shapes and we did not interrupt his work with a picture.

Second place went to the pile of children's blocks we showed you yesterday.

Third went to the creation in the two pictures immediately below. On Saturday the four of us just came upon the folks working on this one as they had just begun work and the young man told me he had put the face into the wind and would have to change his design. This work is really detailed with foot high teepees to the bison skull below. Really a remarkable sculpture.

There were several other projects that had not been even started when we visited Saturday and they are shown below.