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FTLComm - Tisdale - September 19
It has been a long long time since we have experienced a significant amount of precipitation, there were a few harmless showers but for two months it has been dry. The yellow colour of the football field above is not because of fall colouration but is the result of drought. In many ways the drought came at the right time, the end of the growing season and the crops had sufficient moisture to complete the year and of course it made harvest a straightforward operation this year especially since it was a full three weeks early.

Many humans and the geese have decided that since the trees have turned colour somewhat earlier then usual that we should expect the onset of winter coming with the official occurrence of fall in the next few days. But it is much more likely that the seasonal dislocation of earlier this year is merely continuing its course. This is the sort of weather we normally experience in late August, lower temperatures, a little frost and some drizzle. It didn't happen this year and only now are we being treated to the fall dampening. FTLComm is not going out on a limb to make this prediction because it looks pretty solid at this time, that instead of expecting snow in early November, usually around the eleventh, expect that also to be delayed and the winter chills should not visit us until very late November or even early December.