Early Evening in a Sleepy Town

FTLComm - Tisdale - July 27, 1998

This QuickTime VR panorama loading right now will test your patience as it is nearly 600K. That is because it actually consists of three panoramas linked internally together. This process allows you to tour the scene but only to the South. It is ease to get lost in a virtual reality scene but the railway and sunset are to the West, as you move to the right you will encounter Main Street as you are looking North. Swing around and watch for your cursor to change from a dot to an arrow. Click on the arrow will send you two blocks South the the memorial park where you can look around. As you move your cursor past the South West once again an arrow appears and you can cross the street and have a look at a fine garden.

Unfortunately this panorama has a missing picture in the back alley so I had to repeat one image. You can leave this scene and go back across the street to the park or when you face due North you can click in line with the sidewalk and you will be back at the railroad track.

It is hard for me to know what sort of things you might like to see in a Panorama, so if you have some ideas or requests send me e-mail so I can create an image or scene that you think might be interesting to others.