What a Roof!

FTLComm - Tisdale - November 23, 1999

"The sky is the only roof
I have over my head,
and when I'm weary,
mother nature
makes me a bed,
like the birdies
that sing in the trees,
I'm breezin' along
with the breeze."

The top picture was taken right around seven this morning and the one on the right shows this morning's sky facing East at 8:20. As you can see we have only a trace of snow on the ground while Judy told me she spent an hour last night shovelling snow in La Ronge.


This is how the November moon made its appearance at 5:10 last night, peeking across the countryside with not an interfering cloud in sight. It is curious but the apparent size of the moon close to the horizon is simply an optical illusion created in our brains as we perceive it closer to other objects on the horizon and our visual system makes a decision that suggests to us that it really is larger then when high above us in the empty sky but use a pencil at arms length and you will discover that it is the same size in the sky on the horizon or in the zenith.
The picture (right) is how the
moon looked as it departed
from this morning's sky. This picture was near seven and I was hoping to capture the back yard in the bright glow the moon was producing but alas the camera's CCD was unable to register that subtle light.

The fabulous sunset below was captured around 5:00 Saturday night from the North side of Tisdale looking from the new subdivision across the fields with the Tisdale Cemetery the patch of trees in the centre foreground. Which reminds me of the beginning of this piece "What a roof!"