Sun Celebrates

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 6, 1999

It seems only fair to give the sun some web space after showing you the snow storm yesterday.

The brilliant late afternoon sun Friday made for great images and it seems like this has been a week of a lot of pictures, it seems only fitting to offer you these.

The picture above is one of those things that make winter so extremely interesting. In Northern latitudes the angle of the sun is very low in the sky thus creating very dramatic shadows and the white ground and blue sky get busy creating optical effects everywhere you look. This picture is taken at the golf course but what caught my eye wasn't the sun streaming through the trees but the complex pattern of shadows the trees write on the snow with their blue lines.

On the right is some cool snow drifts with their knife edges and deep shadows. The intricate patterns of snow drifts evokes the magic of winter land forms as the plastic surface can be transformed each and every day as the wind changes direction and the temperature alters the texture of the snow that comes and goes.

Yesterday we saw a picture of this little elevator as we looked through the snow at it from the South. Today we look at it from the North through a pattern of shadows that mark the ground and buildings with their negative spaces. It was the Dutch masters who first began to emphasis the darkness in their paintings, the negative spaces as they used these areas to emphasis the highlights and of course add drama with the contrast. This is exactly what this picture on the left does.
On the right is another look at the shadows created by the golf course trees.

Below is the FTLComm van patiently waiting as I snapped the pictures of shadows then discovered the van itself was painted with light. This van can be equipped with a full office, desk, computer and portable work space with its own power supply.