Sailor's Delight
FTLComm - Tisdale - July 10, 2000

As sunday grew to a close the sun got just a little peak at the closing sky before the gloom choked off its performance. this morning the skies are cloud filled as light rain comes and goes.

This morning Gerald Crawford mentions the Alliance's new leader Stockwell Day and that sky makes me look on the darker side of things and wonder how the folks at the Royal Canadian Air Farce are going to handle this turn of events. Preston Manning was one of their staple characters and his good natured appearances on the program and the playful jabs from This Hour has 22 minutes are both really going to miss this guy.

Perhaps its just a summer Monday but what dreary news today.
  • CBC played sound clips of the South African President wondering aloud if HIV and AIDs are really related while millions of his people await death or about to contract this fatal illness in his country. The conference complains about drug countries while essentially ignoring the wildfire spread of the disease in Africa.
  • Then we have the fools of Belfast marching around in their top hats and suits just to tick of the Catholics and get some real violence going again.
  • Police at a soccer match in Africa dislike bottle throwing so they start firing tear gas at the fans and fourteen are killed as a stampede results.
  • Israel's Prime Minister has lost the support of the Right wing militants but he is forging ahead with a plan to negotiate with Arafat at Camp David while his government is about to collapse.

Thank God for sunsets!
Timothy W. Shire