FTLComm - Tisdale - July 15, 2000
The flag of Japan symbolises the "land of the rising sun" the shafts of light passing through the clouds at the break of day. The picture this morning, taken around 9:00 shows a glimmer of shafts of light as the sun attempts to penitrate the high overcast that would soon break up just before ten.

Last night as the hot July day ended the sky covered over and we were treated to shafts of the sunset cutting through the darkening sky between 9:30 and 10:00. I grabbed the camera and hustled off to record the beauty of the fading day for you.

The composite image below consists of two pictures combined to increase the sweep of the Western sky and in the sky a light plane
is joining the pattern for a final approach to the Tisdale airport less than a mile away.
Hoping to catch the light plane against the blue clouds the two pictures below were taken and then combined here to show you the large dark formation with its virga fringe that soon enveloped Tisdale but left behind no rain as its winds tossed things around and cooled the hot evening air. Within an hour the clouds were gone and stars glistened overhead amidst bands of aurora borialis.
But the glory of the setting sun is the picture that we leave you with. An image of promise, a light that ends one day as the earth rolls us away from our own little star only to greet it once more as a new day will most surely come.