And This Is December!

FTLComm - Watson
December 28, 1999

It was difficult to see the countryside in perspective yesterday as we drove to and from Regina. The temperature just kept on rising and by the time we reached the city there were huge puddles laying in the streets and on the way home we kept passing flooded ponds with water laying on top of the ice. This remarkable weather situation is expected to continue for some days yet when you look into the past we discover that perhaps at other times this has occured but it is just as obvious that last year (a very warm winter) the temperature was a mild -28.

The picture above is merely a section of the QuickTime VR below that I clipped out to show the extraordinary display as the sun set. (If you do not have QuickTime in your computer click on the link and go there and download it as it increases your computer's functionality and let's you see panoramas like the one on this page.)

The scene near Watson is so typical of Western Canada and last night's sunset with its wide range of hues is represented well in this panorama. The digital camera automatically set its exposure to the light it saw and as I wheel around it changes its settings and creates the abrupt changes you see in the image. The panorama begins with the Camera pointing due North toward the plant just West of the town as these pictures were taken about a mile from the South edge of the community.