Let Your Mind Play With Thoughts

Tisdale - October 3, 1999
By: Timothy W. Shire

The ugly truth is that we humans can glimpse at what we might be, but are mired in what we are.

If you listen to the things we say and perhaps even more so in the way we say things, you could surmise that people are extra ordinarily evolved beings. They think and wonder, dream and conjecture, all outstanding characteristics for an organism that must devote so much of its time to maintaining its biological functions while at the same time almost denying the physical frailties of the creature.

There is a part of every being that sees itself in the light of
its intellectual and spiritual
envelop. There seems almost
a constant struggle between the various realms and only a few individuals ever achieve peace and harmony with themselves where they are able to accept their physical make up and still pursue the vast array of challenges that are manifest by the brain and its parts. As gravity impaired participants on the surface of this planet we can gaze and transcend beyond the chill of the wind and sounds of habitation, we can marshal our imaging and visualisation capabilities to see beyond the light that strikes us, yet with these confrontations of multiple realities we are destine to error.

Now making mistakes is considered a weakness few realise the benefit and value of error. It is screwing up that produces learning, without
doing something wrong we are
unlikely to develop the ability
to be flexible, adaptive and insightful. With the awareness that all people will commit themselves to countless errors in pursuit of development, we have a ridiculous belief that there are correct and incorrect means of achieving success at various tasks. The absurdity of this is the way so many wish to use a word that is completely and totally beyond our function - TRUTH.

Individuals depend so heavily upon their memory system and fail to realise that it is as interpretive as what you think you see.

Seeing something does not make it a reality but merely indicates an increased
probability of existence. As I
throw these wandering thoughts at you, in the context of these pictures of last evenings clouds, I am challenging your sense of reality. The sky presents us with an ever changing image set that many of us digest and enjoy while others consider as background. Without extension, with out projection beyond what we can touch and feel we are no more then trees with feet and arms and thumbs. Since we have the capacity to manipulate reality it is our duty to do so. Using our imagination, letting our minds play with thoughts like the wind plays with water vapour is one of the reasons we exist.