From The East

FTLComm - Tisdale - November 14, 2000
On Sunday you saw a view of the Tisdale area only a mile or so away to the West, yesterday you had a look around about two miles South of town and this morning we are showing you the look of the land less than half a mile to the East.
In a way I think I am regaining my own bearings, my personal footing on the world as it seems to me, I need to explore the four cardinal directions and see what they tell me. One of the most moving dances of the West Coast people involves a marvellous dance where the symbollic "person" sets forth to explore the four corners of his earth, each a dancer dressed in a special headress that symbolises the cardinal directions. Perhaps in my own way with my camera I am doing that dance feeling out my own position or prehaps the positions as they affect us all.
Tisdale itself rests in the modest depression of the Doghide about fifty feet below the land to the West and the East, but despite the slight decline the countryside is flat. The land stretches outward just as the sky stretches upward. These images were taken around mid day Monday in a field between the pretentious Harvest Valley Wheat Pool silo and the town site. Below is a ninety degree vista (QuickTime VR panorama) If you use the control key you will zoom backward but the image is tight enough for you to use the shift key to move in and take a closer look.