Tisdale Heads Into The Last Year of the Century

FTLComm - Tisdale - January 1, 1999
The image above pretty much sums up the excitement in Tisdale during the past year 1998. The houses on the right all were built or finished during the year while on the left is the earthwork and fill that is part of the construction of a new subdivision. Twenty new homes were built in the community showing remarkable positive growth for both industry and commerce. The inland terminals have been the propelling force behind this growth and it is clear that as the process of grain handling settles into this new pattern Tisdale will continue to experience this trend. Even depressed grain prices though a minor inhibitor does not radically reduce the continued development.

The picture below captures the spirit of Tisdale, making the best of things as they are. Snow conditions are very poor for this sport with insufficient cover in the fields to make it the fun that snow mobilers expect but the ditches are full so dash on.

This QuickTime VR panorama was created as a sort of celebration in the beautiful sunlit afternoon of the last day of 1998. If you have never been to Tisdale, or even if you are from the place, you may not have seen it quite like this. The white irregular carpet over the fields the clear sky and the magnificent flat land.