Tisdale at 35'


Tisdale at 35'

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, July 25, 2003
Wednesday at eleven it was time to take the first set of pictures that will be used to create panoramas around Tisdale for the Town of Tisdale's web site. Various sites had been selected some time ago and now it was time to do the first four of these.

The staff from the RECPlex brought out their new unsupported ladder to do the job and from in front of Superior Gas we had the first ascent. This new ladder replaces the set of scaffold that had been used for work within the arena for years.
It was my first time to put on the safety harness and hit the switch that would send me upward. On the North side of town there was a definite breeze and as I got to the top of the ladders reach there was a definite oscillation.

The picture above is the view at the top of the ladder of
Northern Steel Industries production facility.

Our second site was on Newmarket and the image of the hospital at the top of the page was from this location as was the one looking North up Newmarket seen below. Here also the wind made the ground look a long way away.
Minutes later we were down town on the side walk on the North side of Zoerbes Bakery at the full thirty-five feet above the street looking at the roof tops of the downtown area. Though these images show the areas that we normally do not see it also showed the connection to the Co-op Mall and seemed to link the town together.

Creating a panorama requires taking a series of overlapping images evening spaced around the 360º of the location. At the ladders full extension this is a bit unsettling as every movement seems to produce a counter moving sway.

Along with the outside scenes there were will several interior scenes that will allow visitors to the
Town of Tisdale web site to look around the environment and see the scene from the perspective of the camera. We have used QuickTime panoramas on this web site since its beginning and each one tells its own story.

The down town of Tisdale is a familiar scene to those of us who live here and to those who have lived here in the past but it is important for people who just want to know about Tisdale as a place who have never been here to get a sense of what it is like to live in a rural Saskatchewan community. Tisdale is a small town and as such there are specific things about life here that art unique. The close proximity from the centre of the town to the edge, from the parks to the business area, from the playgrounds to the factories and all around the extremely close locations of the residential areas as the town is only a kilometre East and West and less than two kilometres North and South. Forty minutes on a bicycle and you can circle the whole place.

One of the focal points of the community is the highway junction on the South side of town where highways #3 and #35 cross. This is one of the busiest places in all of this part of Saskatchewan. To capture this area for the panorama scenes we located the ladder on the street just South of the FastGas outlet and along the side of this page you are seeing the pictures taken of this ascent as I got on the apparatus and levitated thirty-five feet into the air to get a special vantage point that would give you more of a view of things than what can be seen from the surface.

Below three images have been combined to show you the scene from the Pizzeria to
Bow Mar Sales Ltd. In this picture you can see the A&W, the RECPlex and on the Eastern horizon Harvest Valley inland terminal with a Canola field lighting up the countryside. For indeed, not

only is Tisdale a small and compact rural community it is surrounded by the abundant agricultural land that has given it the reason for its very existence.

In this picture of the junction we see the usual steady flow of traffic through the four way stop. In the centre of the picture is the sign and the big bee, the miniature golf course, tourist booth and beyond that the visitor's camp ground.

Any time of the day or night there is always traffic flowing across this spot of ground and at the upper right in the image you can see the Louis Dreyfus terminal which at night is illuminated.

We will let you know when the finished products are posted on the
Town of Tisdale web site.

Timothy W. Shire



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