The Week of November 12 to 18, 2006

The Greenwater Report
November 13, 2006
by : Gerald Crawford
Greenwater Provincial Park :
It is winter at the park and time for some tall tales and coping with American hunters. Deer, coyotes and wolves occupy the conversations.
Farmers could end up with a freight bill instead of a cheque
November 13, 2006
by : William Dascavich
Edmonton Alberta :
Former Vegreville farmer explains the origin of the Canadian Wheat Board and the dire consequences of its distruction.
Same Sex Marriage - Beyond Notwithstanding ...there's disallowance
November 13, 2006
by : Robert Ede
Thornhill Ontario :
The Harper government wants to re-open and debate same sex marriage legislation and it would appear that most members of parliament have no interest in doing that but it doesn't matter the rules can sort matters like this out.
Welcome to Winter
November 14, 2006
by : Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale :
With continuous snow falling and a pleasant -5ºC this is the real thing. Comments like "cold enough for yah?" will replace "good day."
Time has left them behind
November 15, 2006
by : Dennis Malischewski
Yorkton :
We welcome Mr. Malischewski to Ensign today as he takes on a short country trip west of Yorkton to see an abandoned farm and some outstanding autumn images.
Sheila Steele 1943 - 2006
November 15, 2006
Saskatoon :
One Saskatchewan's tireless crusaders for those who have been treated unjustly has ended her struggle with her passing on Saturday.
Language Frame and Democracy: Senge, Lakoff, Emanual/Reed, Denning and Moyers
November 16, 2006
by : Mario deSantis
Prince Albert :
Though difficult to conceive we are an intellectual abstract form of life and our actions and motivation is largely shaped by the words we use. Words that form a framework for thoughts and since we depend so heavily upon communication the future of our society hangs in the balance of what we mean.
Sunshine and a beautiful day in Tisdale
November 17, 2006
by : Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale :
No new stories for today, just get out and enjoy the exceptional weather. The image above is a fake, a composite made from four images to show Tisdale folks out and about. I will be back on Monday with some new stories so enjoy the weekend, Go Lions Go!