The Week of April 16 to 22, 2006

Tompkins: a place in the sun
April 20 , 2006
by : Timothy W. Shire
Tompkins :
West of Swift Current and Gull Lake is the sleepy town of Tompkins with paved streets, sidewalks and real topography.
The Greenwater report
April 20, 2006
by : Gerald Crawford
Greenwater Provincial Park :
This week we hear about the spring run off as rivers and creeks fill up and do their annual quota of damage.
This year's run off
April 20, 2006
by : Jo Lukinchuk
Tisdale :
As the water rose this past week Jo had the camera ready and recorded the run off and flooding.
April 21 , 2006
by : Timothy W. Shire
Winnipeg :
The most important concept between social beings is the realisation that we are all in this together. Cities may pose a special set of problems for us as we deal with scarcity, the environment and social issues.