The Week of April 9 to 15, 2006

Arthur Black
April 11 , 2006
by : Timothy W. Shire
Saskatoon :
Nominated author for the Leacock prize in literature, former CBC Saturday morning broadcaster spoke in Saskatoon this past weekend.
The Greenwater report
April 11, 2006
by : Gerald Crawford
Greenwater Provincial Park :
This week's report fills us in on the return of the migratory birds and the trials and tribulations of attempting to recover ice fishing huts off of the lake which has been over flowing.
Klein's Long Farewell An Indulgence His Party Could Not Afford
April 12 , 2006
by : Ron Thornton
Edmonton :
The iconic Albertan, Ralph Klein is being forced to leave his leadership of the government party of Alberta. Ron Thornton gives his perspective as an Albertan of this man and his role in this country.
Burned by the Belgian Waffle?
April 12, 2006
by : Joe Hueglin
Niagara Falls :
Politicians have discussed the example of Belgium as it copes with its two diverse languges and cultures. Our problem is that there is a drift in the Canadian political climate due to the new government's need for support from Quebec.
Beware of the mad dogs of organised religion
April 13 , 2006
by : Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale :
The greatest single threat to our society and to the fundamentals of all cultures is the growing importance of low brow fanatics.