The Week of January 14 to 20, 2007

Tisdale to Honduras
January 15, 2007
by : Rebecca Hankins-Vopni
Tisdale :
Here is a slide show running as a QuickTime movie to illustrate Tisdale, Melfort and Zenon Park to the folks in Central America.
Claims that "we've changed", real or rhetoric?
January 16, 2007
by : Brian Marlatt
White Rock BC :
The Harper record on the environment is not good and we are now to believe that they have changed, this will require some evidence.
Why I can't watch the NFL
January 16, 2007
by : Michael Townsend
Kamloops :
Our intrepid reporter, Mike Townsend, got to meet and interview Grey Cup star Geroy Simon.
Barley Plebiscite
January 16, 2007
by : Richard Phillips
Ottawa :
The Executive Director of the Grain Growers of Canada expresses his and the associations delight with the decision by the Minister of Agriculture to hold a vote on barley marketing by those farmers who have grown barley in the past two years.
The Greenwater Report
January 16, 2007
by : Gerald Crawford
Greenwater Proivincial Park :
The big news as with the rest of the province was the storm. Gerald fills us in on the details at the park and the surrounding communities and backs up his story with some outstanding pictures of the event.
White throated sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis)
January 17, 2007
by : Helen Carson
Crooked River :
Though this is a common little bird in south eastern Saskatchewan it does not hang around in the winter but head off to a better climate for the winter.
Make that a recommendation
January 18, 2007
by : Timothy W. Shirre
Tisdale :
Notice how that level of frustration seems to build just below the surface all of the time, here is a simple formula to make you feel just a bit better about the things over which you have no control.