The Week of April 1 to 7, 2007

Saar School, Kronau
April 1, 2007
by: Ina Leippi
Big is not better and Saskatchewan's rural people are disturbed by the threats to close fifty school not in urban areas. Mrs. Leippi explains her concerns.
The Greenwater report
April 2, 2007
by: Gerald Crawford
Greenwater Provincial Park :
A trip to Kelvington, some bowling start out this week's report. Gerald marks the passing of a friend Mr. Renneberg and relates some great stories about the man. The report ends with a bit on the Tisdale Rodeo horse pull and the great service at Mr. Ribs.
Conrad Black for Governor General
April 2, 2007
by: Robert Ede
Richmond Hill Ontario :
Conrad Black may be a pompous thief but his take on the Quebec provincial election is remarkably accurate and needs a long hard look.
Saskatchewan educational funding
April 3, 2007
by: David Gleim
The closure of rural community schools is only part of a much larger picture that involves the way education is paid for in Saskatchewan and how the cities get most of their money from the province and the rural areas pay for it themselves.
A Saskatchewan perspective
April 3, 2007
by: Kevin McIntyre
Carrot River :
Though no completely unsympathetic Kevin voices his views about Mrs. Leippi's story Sunday about the possible closure of their school in Kronau.
Frozen fields
April 5, 2007
by: Timothy W. Shire
The mild cold snap has retarded the spring run off process allowing the creeks and streams to drain and make the water movement out of the fields slow enough to prevent widespread flooding.