The Week of April 8 to 14, 2007

The Greenwater report
April 9, 2007
by: Gerald Crawford
Greenwater Provincial Park :
The melting process is slow at the park as well and dragging spring on a bit. Gerald is getting itchy feet and wants to get that motor home on the road and the deer think Doreen is an easy touch.
CWB e-mail: Civil servant suspended for e-mail
April 9, 2007
by: William Dascavich
Mr. Dascavich praises the work of the Canadian Wheat Board in the light of a recent story in the Edmonton Journal about the extremist right wing views demonstrated by someone working for Alberta's Department of Agriculture.
Follow the education money to the cities
April 9, 2007
by: Linda Anderst
Richmound is a remote rural community in Saskatchewan's vast southwest border region and is facing the closure of its school. The parent suggests that the money to operate their school is being moved to pay for urban schools.
Strahl adds option #2 to #3
April 9, 2007
by: Nettie Wiebe
Perhaps its a new form of political mathematics as the minister of Agricutlure takes liberties with the numbers obtained in the so-called plebscite on barley handling with the Canadian Wheat Board.
Seeding time for Russian thistles
April 13, 2007
by: Timothy W. Shire
Swift Current :
Canada may be an urban nation, filled with diverse cultures and depending upon immigration for growth but the bottom line remains the same as always, out here we grow things.
Make life in Saskatchewan even better; Close rural schools?
April 14, 2007
by: Jaime Message
In an open letter to the Premier of the province this seventeen year old grade twelve student makes his solid case for the continued operation of his community's school.