The Week of August 19 to 25, 2007

The Greenwater report
August 20, 2007
by: Gerald Crawford
Greenwater Lake Provincial Park:
Internet connections and battery life intervened and prevented us from getting last week's report but this week we catch up on the Crawford's excursion West of Prince Albert and the latest developments at the park.
Yesteryear's Ukrainian Borscht
August 21, 2007
by: Timothy W. Shire
Moose Jaw:
In much of Saskatchewan Borscht is a staple food yet it is simply not available on the shelves of your local food store. Well that has changed as a Moose Jaw company has gone into production and is turning out the real thing.
Controversy and a visit to Nazareth
August 22, 2007
by: Jennifer Shire
Tel Aviv:
Jennifer's expeditition is nearing its end and in this report she let's us in on controversy over the dig site and shows us some of the highlights of her visit to Tel Aviv, Nazareth and another dig in the Negev Desert.
Premature arrival of fall
August 23, 2007
by: Timothy W. Shire
Though school starts next week, the pool closes Sunday and it was a chilly 13ºC today it still seems a bit odd to see the leaves turning colour so soon but alas little bits of colour are showing up in Tisdale's trees.
Jelly beans
August 23, 2007
by: William Dascavich
Has the Prime Minister's assurances been plausible. Who knows with such secrecy the Montebello meeting is subject to any and all speculation. But Mr. Dascavich is certain it wasn't about jelly beans.
August 24, 2007
by: Michael Townsend
Tofino, B.C.:
This is a magnificient photo essay of the scenes along the west side of Vancouver Island at Longbeach near Tofino. 35 outstanding images that take you to this amazing park of Western Canada.
August 24, 2007
by: Casper Davis
Victoria, B.C.:
The nature of a law abiding society is such that it depends upon trust. Trust that those entrusted with protecting the society will do just that and not become agents inciting violence and property damage. That trust has been demonstratably broken with Quebec police pretending to be rioting protestors but were caught by a union leader. Now we have to consider other similar events and wonder what really was happening.