The Week of October 28 to November 3, 2007

Ray Strachan's Crooked River
October 29, 2007
by: Ray Strachan
Grimshaw, Alberta: The October 4 picture essay of Crooked River triggered memories and nostalga for the once booming community and we received e-mails from Mary Weston in B.C. and Ray Strachan in Grimshaw. Ray followed up with stories about the community and his life there and then sent some remarkable images of the time. Some of them, negatives which he had never seen.
The Greenwater report
October 29, 2007
by: Gerald Crawford
Greenwater Lake Provincial Park: Its a done deal the Crawfords are city folks now as this past weekend it was moving day but we still have some weather, lawn mowing, mosse hunting, cabin construction and park undertakings to keep us up to date on things. The community supper to recognise the Crawfords is set for November 17 in Greenwater Hall, its a pot luck.
Parkland Photography club October newsletter
November 1, 2007
by: Darlene McCullough
Tisdale: With the Crawfords gone to Saskatoon we are witnessing a changing of the guard as Darlene McCullough takes over the duty of putting together a report of the October meeting for the dynamic and ever creative Parkland Photography club.
There is such a thing as Disaster Capitalism Mr. Corcoran!
November 1, 2007
by: Mario deSantis
Prince Albert: Toronto journalist and author Naomi Klein set out a fascinating premise that modern government policies are being controlled by the most recent disaster or world event but this view is not shared by the business editor of the National Post. Mr. deSantis weighs in on this argument and points out that Klein has it right.
Official opening of Tisdale's new water treatment plant
November 2, 2007
by: Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale: This huge $3,000,000 project has been a while in planning but it is up and running and can easily expand to meet the growing demands of the community.