The Week of September 21 to 27, 2008

A fall perspective
September 24, 2008
by:Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale: There is more than just leaves turning colour and falling from the trees, and more than an edge on the morning breeze there is a way we look at things that changes as we see summer behind us and winter soon to be upon us.
The Greenwater report
September 24, 2008
by:Gerald Crawford
Saskatoon: This week's report catches us up on some e-mail with an important clue about a good dinner theatre. The Crawfords have packed up and are off on their trip to the eastern seaboard.
Parkland Photography Club report for September
September 25, 2008
by:Darlene McCullough
Tisdale: Though the Parkland Photo Club is a small association they are a busy group and this month's report outlines the various competitions and projects that is engaging the group as they strive to improve the pictures they take. This month's theme was "flowering trees."
Life and death decisions
September 26, 2008
by:Eugene Parks
Victoria B.C.: The media and the politicians themselves sometimes reduce politics to a sort of game but the people we choose to represent us have to make vital decisions. Decisions that can kill people or save lives. Mr. Parks takes a dim view of the way the current prime minister has carried out his duties.
Canadian productivity
September 26, 2008
by:Dale Swirsky
Winnipeg: Canada has the enormous potential to be truly an outstanding country in which to live and work. Unfortunately some of our politicians do not share a view of the country as a whole but only of their vested interest or ideology. At this election we need to consider anybody but the conservatives.