The Week of January 11 to 17, 2009

Throw a match in 24 Sussex Drive
January 13, 2009
by: Kevin McIntyre
Carrot River: The Prime Minister and his family have moved out as the National Capital commission begins a mammoth over haul of the residence that is perhaps thirty or fourty years over due. January 14th, we haved added a reply to this story from the Prime Minister's office.
Greenwater report
January 13, 2009
by: Gerald Crawford
Saskatoon: Friends still meet for coffee and Gerald is concerned about the Middle-East conflict and gives us his opinion on things. Meanwhile he is worrying about the water heater in his new place.
Do Harper's Conservatives "walk the line" or cross it?
January 13, 2009
by: Joe Hueglin
Niagara Falls: The present government in Ottawa seems to find itself close to the line so much of the time that one wonders if they are not embracing the 'Dark Side.'
Pioneers of Rainbow Lake
January 14, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale: Rainbow Lake is an oil town in the far northwest corner of Alberta. The place went from being a camp to a town in 1967 and its school opened in 1968. People were transplanted from southern Alberta and parts of Calgary to the deep bush of this new oil field. Now those children in the picture above are looking for one another.
That's been a cold spell
January 15, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale: It began to warm up in Tisdale late this afternoon and Environment Canada is predicting balmy temperatures for tomorrow and the weekend. But, it has been almost a full month of very cold times for us all and today we have some chimneys to look at.
Democracy is a fragile thing
January 16, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale: We as citizens of the world can not excuse the behaviour and chronic mistakes of the George W. Bush and his administration but the blame and shame is certainly not his alone. The 'Fifth Estate' failed miserablly and allowed that administration to carry out the crimes that it will go down in history for committing.