The Week of February 22 to 28, 2009

The Greenwater report
February 23, 2009
by: Gerald Crawford
Saskatoon: As it gradually shows some signs of warming up the Crawfords are turning their thoughts toward summer motor home trips and various trips. But for at least a week more their attention is still on wrapping of their house renovations.
Losing to the elements
February 24, 2009
by: Ken Jones
Regina: This is a photo essay of nine images of an aging barn about nine miles from Regina, surrounded by the open plain and the snow drifts that have accumulated around it make these images dramatic and interesting.
Parkland Photography Club February meeting
February 25, 2009
by: Darlene McCullough
Tisdale: The photography club met last night and discussed their success with presenting slide shows to various groups in the area and considered the problems of Macro photography. Their theme shoot was "my favourite picture" and the three winners are stunning.
Super Bumper
February 26, 2009
by: Kevin McIntyre
Carrot River: Cars in Canada must have a bumper capable of being hit at low speed and absorbing the energy. Trucks and vans which are classified as trucks are exempt from this requirement. Kevin has installed on his van a clever solution to improve the safety of his vehicle.
KKK - Kanada's killer kops
February 26, 2009
by: Edwin Wallace
Swift Current: The federal government in response to the outrage of gang violence in Vancouver and Toronto has introduced a bill increasing penalties for gang related violence. Here in Saskaatchewan and British Columbia we have witnessed a large number of police killing people while taking them into custody or already in hand cuffs. The police explanation is that the "officer feared for his life" and was justified and killing. Only beating a prisoner is ever punished the police killing someone as in the Dziekanski case all but ignored.
Fearful men
February 27, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale: The sickening statements made by those who killed Robert Dziekanski are just to much to bare. One could understand lying but after being cleared of the murder the RCMP members seem almost proud of killing the tired, stressed, polish speaking man.