The Week of March 1 to 7, 2009

The Greenwater report
March 2, 2009
by: Gerald Crawford
Saskatoon: Gerald gives us a detailed account of the changing weather of late and fills us in on who he met and visited with this past Saturday. Oh yes, the renovations to the Crawford place are finished and he tells us how that went.
Langbank 1951
March 3, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
Langbank: Langbank is a tiny community in the southeast part of Saskatchewan. In 1951 school consolidation had not yet taken place and the school then had two rooms, grades 1 - 7 and 8 -12. You need not know the people in the picture but their story and their time is frozen in this interesting image.
Cheers to a healthier economy
March 4, 2009
by: Eugene Parks
Victoria British Columbia: There is nothing we can do about the current financial and economic crisis in which we find ourselves but we are demanding that our government take critical steps in this time of economic slow down. Here is a simple summary of the political / economic choices available.
Louis Dreyfus moves the wheat
March 5, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale: The giant pile of wheat that was established during harvest this past fall is being loaded up and readied for shipment this week.
RCMP leadership must be held accountable for interference
March 5, 2009
by: Eugene Parks
Victoria British Columbia: With the British Columbia's decision not to lay charges against the four officers who killed Robert Dziekanski one would have thought that the force as a whole would have wanted to clear the matter up. However, that is not the case they seemed to have deliberately surpressed cooperation with the inquiry into the incident and surpressed other evidence.
Why special $3 billion fund must be accounted for up front
March 5, 2009
by: Joe Hueglin
Niagara Falls: It would appear that the lesson of December has not been learned as the Prime Minister is once again on a $3 billion plan to bolster ridings he needs to win a major in a future election. The Liberals do not want to grant the government that much descressionary money while the NDP refers to it as a slush fund. Election looms.
Hoar frost
March 6, 2009
by: Ken Jones
Regina: Here are seven outstanding images taken in Regina's Wascana park on February 5th. Most are taken against a cloudless deep blue sky that sets off the frost as it was seen in the bright mid day sunlight.