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From North of the tracks the destroyed building is actually inverted with six meters or more of building still standing. It is a testamont to the strength of the spruce that makes up such buildings to see how it still holds itself together after such a devastating assault.

Though these two elevators are now redundant with the new Harvest Valley terminal operational many view the destruction of these facilities in other communities as economic strong arming by the Pool to force farmers to haul to the inland terminals. They have openly stated that they will destroy them rather then let them be used in the communities where they stand. The Wheat Pool was originally founded in Saskatchewan to champion the needs of its members now they need a new advocate to face up to
the corporate intentions of this grain marketing giant that long ago lost sight of its roots in the "co-op" movement.

On the left are several class who came over to watch the demise of this first of many grain elevators to be toppled in their community.