FTLComm - Tisdale - November 23, 1999
Monday was the end of what once was Smith Hatcheries South of the new Coop Cardlock. The municipality of Tisdale has purchased the property and will clear it of the debris so that it can be used for parking and perhaps eventually sold for commercial development.
The wooden structure appears to have been full of a lot of material and was insulated with sawdust. After being knocked down there was a surprising amount of rubble and it seems as though a lot of odds and ends still were left in the building at the time of its destruction. The picture below shows the scene as seen from the South looking North toward the Cardlock.

The East building was still fitted out with its hatching crates as you can see in this picture taken from the North.

The hatchery has been closed for many years but played a vital role in the surrounding communities many farms during previous decades supplemented that income with poultry that was hatched here in Tisdale.

As well as the two hatchery buildings there was a dwelling South of them that also was acquired by the RM and was destroyed yesterday.
Perhaps they former owners did not have time to remove things from the house but in the two pictures below (within the highlight circle) an elderly woman is seen going over the ruins for possessions.