Ol Bugger

San Jose, California - Tuesday, March 26, 2002 - By: Kevin McIntyre
Good thing I'm not superstitious because I've had black cats since I was eight, one was pure black and a cold blooded killer. No matter what walked into the yard, other cats [they died] or the neighbors full size dog[never had a name beyond Bugger...].

Dan's dog more than once got his ass kicked but good by him.

However Bugger ate from the same bowl at the same time with our dog.

Then Circuit came along in 86: she was black with white legs and stomach: exact same coloring as the one on the Cat Chow box. She was just plain surly.

My Aunt, if she drove in the yard and Ol Bugger walked in front of the car, Esther would turn around and leave.

I always love a black cat, and the one in the bottom of the page picture for March 24 just looks so adorable :)

One time my brother heard cats squaring off at night and looked out the window: Ol Bugger and another cat were spitting at each other. The other cat jumped at him, Bugger dove down, turned his head up and in one twist killed his opponent. Bugger just looked at the body, sniffed and walked away. In the house he was Mr. Innocent, but if something moved a big yellow eye was on it.

Bugger took on a car fan once and lost: it broke his back and he was unable to move his tail. He still killed any woodland creature he wanted though.