Visit To The Vet

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 15, 1999
Spring is a busy time for veterinarians but that's the time of year Data and thousands of other pet dogs and animals need to pay their annual visit to get their immunisation brought up to date. Data has appeared many times in Ensign so you have probably gotten to know him fairly well. He is a Tisdale native as he was born on an acreage near Crocked River where his mother still makers her home with Judy and Pat Mahoney. As a nine year old neutered male, Data has become increasingly mellow though his attitude is still profoundly self determined.

Like all Saskatchewan animals there is an extreme need for immunisation for rabbis. This deadly illness is a threat to us humans as well and our best protection from it is keeping out pets healthy and free of the disease. Data is also being immunised for feline distemper which has also been linked to serious human diseases, so though we may view our pets as expensive to maintain, we are actually looking after ourselves.

I have discussed this with Data and this morning we were late getting his breakfast for him and I caught him eyeing me up and considering how I would taste. Clearly, that is one of the differences between cats and dogs. A dog would never consider his human companions as edible, whereas Data and his fellow cats view all living things as possible banquets.