Looking forward to spring
FTLComm - Chelan - Tuesdayy, March 11, 2008 :Images by: Judy Shire

Winter can be hard on us all but when you live outside 100% of the time and live off the land it is clearly a matter of life and death. The woods in this part of Canada are teaming with wild life both very big and very small. The small creatures simply find a place to hunker down until it warms up but for the large animals it is a matter of digging through the snow, and at this time of the year the ice crust on top of the snow down to something to eat.

On Saturday we were driving along on our way back from Weekes and just past Chelan I spotted the clearing shown here on the right with its large number of tracks. We stopped and backed up to get a picture of the scene and then moved ahead to get the other side of the clearing (above and below) and there were deer in the area.

Gerald Crawford mentioned in this week's Greenwater report that he had seen few tracks in the area. We had noticed as well that in the area between Somme and Weekes which usually has a lot of wildlife grazing or at least their track indicate their presence, we notice fewer than usual. However, the population is a large one and often moves about in search of food so they may only be up in the higher ground or deeper in the wooded area.
Timothy W. Shire

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