FTLComm - Swift Current - Wednesday, September 12, 2001 Photos by Judy Shire

For several years we have heard stories from Swift Current residents complaining about the deer that stroll around the city helping themselves to flower beds, gardens and what ever else seems to interest them. We had always laughed off these seemingly impossible stories until last Sunday morning.

As we sat enjoying the morning sun our host pointed out "Well, there they are."

My camera was out of memory so Judy was out in a flash with her camera trying to catch up with the doe and fawn who
were on their way to breakfast. These pictures are shown here in sequence and Judy who has had to spend a lot of her life on recess supervision, began to talk to the pair who were pretty much ignoring her, as she came up behind them camera in hand. They show little interest until she changed her tone of voice and in the most commanding recess supervision voice demanded to know just what they thought they were doing.

This question brought them to a halt and then, refusing to comment they ambled off, once they were sure she had her picture and their pose was appropriate for the situation. They made their way around this house and began their feast on an ample supply of crab apples that were on the lawny having fallen from the nearby tree. Apparentlyy they really like crab apples.

These are "mule deer" notice that they have large ears and instead of the expressive white fluffy tale of their local cousinsy these characters have little round tails with a black end. Urban deer.