Puppy From The Pas

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, September 17, 2001

This little guy with the big feet is a mere six weeks old and a young couple from the Pas hope to see him grow into a member of their pack. You see this puppy is half Alaskan Malmute and half wolf.

The members of the canine family can lot and act in such a diverse manner but they are all the same species, all sharing the same social and instinctive traits that have made them companions of humans for all the time that there have been humans.

Required a considerable amount of rearing and training members of both the human and canine families are so similar and therefore relate so well to one another. The relationship between humans and dogs is a symbiotic relationship each gaining from the other when they work and live together.

This time next year and this puppy will weigh about one hundred pounds and love and protect those of his pack with a loyalty unmatched by any other life form.