God Bless America

FTLComm -Tisdale - Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Though the geese that make the area around Tisdale their place, it is their place only from early spring until fall. We are for them, their summer cottage, and though they give birth and raise their families here, they must inevitably take to the sky and attempt to make the crossing over the most uncivilised and hostile part of the known world as they head for Texas where they will spend the winter.

We who travel on the ground and do not wear feathers have a very poor understanding of the dangers involved in crossing the wilds of the United States of America. We watch their TV shows and get the mistaken idea that "gee their just like us."

Let's get a few things straight here folks, Americans are not like us, and we are definitely not like them. The biggest and most drastic difference is that Americans "violently" believe that their country's constitution grants them the right to own and often use firearms. For the past eleven days at least one individual has been cruising around the Capital city of the United States shooting and killing people, last night a lady helping her husband put some stuff in their car in a parking lot and a thirteen year old school boy the other day. This is the American way.

Now if you are a goose having to make that trip over a population of trigger happy hoodlums, who are dumb enough to shoot each other in amazing numbers, then you might understand the reluctance Canada geese have in leaving the quickly cooling prairies of Saskatchewan.

The Americans are not satisfied with blasting away at each other with their assault rifles and hand guns, but they figured out that since water fowl make great targets they can pour money into Canada where these birds breed. The idea being to created increased breeding areas, thus increase the number of birds for them to shoot.

I thought it pretty funny yesterday when I read they usually sane and wise
column of Gerald Crawford when he referred to the "good cause" of the Ducks Unlimited banquet and auction. Gerald pointed out that they spend much more money in Saskatchewan than is raised here. He is absolutely right, but it is hardly a good cause, these are blood thirsty violent individuals that form the company called Ducks Unlimited and it is just plain foolish to think of them as a wildlife conservation organisation. Their goal is a simple one, increase the amount of water fowl so they can "kill" more birds. Now it would be a little different if they killed the birds for food to feed their families, but American hunters kill for the fun of it. Please think that over.
The country that is across the 49th parallel is the most violent country in the world. Most of the civilised world, with the exception of China, long ago realised that killing their citizens for crimes was inappropriate, simply because of its finality and the fact that many of those so killed would be executed even though innocent of the crime for which they were convicted. The justice systems in any country are far from free from error, but the United States is putting more of its own people in jail and killing them than any other country.

The violence of the American society is astonishing and little by little we who do not share their love of killing are gradually being sucked into their culture. Our policeman, just like theirs, carry and use hand guns, wear bulletproof vests and pose far more a threat to society than any criminal element. In a recent inquest into the shooting death of a violent drunken man from Saskatoon, the evidence presented in court was chilling. The victim was clearly out of control, he had physically attacked the RCMP officer on the scene, then rammed the policeman's car with a pickup truck. The guy was beyond restraint by that officer, however he wasn't going anywhere he had gotten the pickup stuck. The Mountie, even though he had called for back up, decided to kill the man.

Now keep in mind that in Canada we do not have capital punishment, but a single Mountie out on a road alone made the decision to end the man's life and his superior's back up his decision. The officer said in his testimony that he "feared for his life." Now that is interesting, the man he is trying to control is in the driver seat of a pickup truck that is stuck, he is drunk but unarmed, yet the policeman "feared for his life." Once he draws his weapon, he is trained to shoot at the individual's largest body mass and squeeze off three rounds. There is no training in how to use the weapon for any other purpose other then execution, so once he draws it from his holster, he is a killer. At that moment he ceases to be a Canadian and becomes an American in possession of an illegal and deadly weapon.

This police officer missed the man's largest body mass and hit the drunken man in the head. He died instantly, just as the officer had been trained to carry out that attack. We can not expect our policemen to be brave. We hire them to be "peace officers" but someone somewhere has decided that they should be trained killers. They are issued hand guns which have only one design feature and that is to kill and they wear bullet proof vests just so that it is in their minds, every moment they are duty, that they are to first protect themselves and if that means killing somebody when they "fear for their life." Then so be it.

One observer noted that the late drunken Mr. Bigsky was wearing what looked like "gang" colours. No mention was made of this in the inquest, but Bigsky had already knocked the police officer down, had been hit with a tazar with no effect, and was unable to handle the truck. That is when the frightened policeman shot him to death.

There is no need for me to defend the action of Mr. Bigsky but had he been, at that moment brought before a judge, he would not have been summarily sentenced to death. Like the police and citizens of our neighbouring country, the police in Canada have decided that guns and killing people is just fine.

It is my contention that in this time, 2002, that we should have come much beyond the barbaric behaviour that is standard in the United States. We Canadians have come to accept carnage on our highways and think of it as "just one of those things." We are unlikely to raise our civilisation above the level of cave man as long as we continue to worship the American icons and believe that God and money are synonyms.
The breeding capabilities of the Canada geese are excellent and they will sustain losses as they head over the "land of the free", the "home of the brave" and the largest owner of weapons of mass destruction on the planet. But a little less than 20% will fall victim to fearless gun totting "hunters" to the South and most will be back here in April. But from now until then, you will be looking at your television and marveling at the wonders of American ingenuity, as they solve ten to fifteen murders every night on prime time entertainment shows illustrating the gory deaths of victims as they are tortured, killed and "bled out." "God Bless America."

Timothy W. Shire


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