FTLComm - Tisdale - April 15, 2000

At 0710 this morning air traffic control (honk translation) "flight leader to formation, downwind, left turn on my mark, keep it tight, one more orbit before clearance to land, Mark, Mark, Mark, Left turn." This formation and another just behind it were getting set for their approach to what has become Tisdale's Gooseport when their sensors detected the Ensign van idling beside the field. For these fliers triple "A" is a standard and normal threat and caution can save lives. So like all good fliers they simply go to a holding pattern until the area is clear
of possible ground fire as
there is no point trying to land in a "hot LZ".

A standard holding pattern for all fliers is a steady three minute turn to the left, this is the precise system used by goose formations.

The picture on the right is this same group as they are taxiing about in the tie down area while most are taking the time to refuel. This seems like a large number and though some may be part of the local flock it looks suspiciously like this could be itinerant visitors enroute to their home gooseports to the North.

The picture below like the two others above right, were taken Friday afternoon. This picture below has a small formation on short final in the middle of the picture. Though they appear against the background of the field they are actually above the ground as only a few birds were parks on the far side of the creek.

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