Honest Dog

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 13, 1999
He was on the snow bank on the opposite side of the road when I stopped the van and asked him if he would answer a few questions. I felt that as a dog he might have an honest and frank opinion about the American Senate's decision to acquit President Clinton. I could tell right from the start this was one of those no nonsense dogs when he saw the van stop he strode purposefully across the road and despite my request he only paused a moment to consider me, then when he got to the right hand side of the street he turned to respond. Without any further probing on my part he immediately offered his opinion and so as not to misunderstand him he said, " Wharoooofff!" Very low pitch and sincere then just to make sure I grasped the full importance of his statement he repeated himself and said once again. "Wharoooofff!" So folks there you have it, right from the honest dog, I don't think I could have said it better.