FTLComm - Tisdale - November 23, 1998
There are many times when a telephoto lens would be much better then the wide angle lens on the Epson PhotoPC 500 they we use to create most of the images you see in Ensign. On Sunday afternoon an old buddy of sorts returned to our yard for a little visit. This guy was patiently sitting in the back yard disregarding the odd dog that strolled by just minding his own business. Once extremely plentiful in Saskatchewan this species of "hare" that people here call "Jack Rabbits" has become rather scarce in the last decade, there are plenty of the much smaller "bush rabbit" but the huge Jack is not that frequently sited. This one must live near town because on many occasions he has been into our yard both summer and winter and as you can see from these images he is between seasons in attire. Though these images do not show this fellow's size, he is much bigger then the typical "bunny". Just before the picture at right was snapped on Sunday afternoon he stood poised on his hind legs for a fine pose for the camera but not knowing I was using a Digital he did not hold the three foot long extension long enough for it to appear on this page. But maybe next time. If you have any Jack pictures or stories send them along I would love to hear about them.