FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, February 3, 2004
This story and lack of mutual appreciation between me and Waxwings goes back to January 17, 2000 when a full sized colony of Bohemian Waxwings began harvesting fruit left on various trees in Tisdale. Following day I was still enthusiastic about this large group of interesting birds still working their way around town.

All respect and appreciation for the Bohemians was gone on January 19th when all of them after having lunched, gorged and otherwise fed themselves on all the berries they could find, they settled in the large poplar tree above our driveway and totally covered the van. An inspection of other vehicles in town did not result in similar
deposits and I had to conclude that they had made a decision to send a message to the owner of the red van with Faster Than Light Communications on its windows.

Thinking they had come eaten their fill then messed up the van I was surprised to see they had returned almost a month later on February 13, when they once again made
unwanted deposits on both the van and my wife's car.

Now our yard has a lot of trees and the front yard is mostly a small forest of spruce trees and in June of that same year a set of Cedar Waxwings came to visit. Now the Cedar Waxwing is far more eligant and appears considerably more refined in its behaviour than the Bohemian variety. However in the intervening years I have come to realise that it is all a matter of population. We had Cedars in the trees earlier this winter as we have every year and I have noticed that when there are enough of them they like to perch in the poplar tree and add fertilizer to the driveway and anything parked on it.

These pictures were taken Sunday, February 1, 2004 as a few frozen berries were pecked from the little tree in the back yard but alas their nasty plan to go for the van again was foiled. On Saturday a nice layer of snow was placed evenly over the van and so despite the Bohemians being in the yard the snow took all the fun out of their visit and they did not even bother leaving their mark on the snow on the van for indeed as experienced outside beings they no about snow and they will just patiently wait until next winter, or the next to come back and do their dirty work.

Timothy W. Shire



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