Sleeping Beauty

Winnipeg - Tuesday, March 26, 2002, Images by: R. W. Shire

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet is a world class company and this makes every performance an unforgettable event. Each year the company has been adding new and popular productions to the body of classical dance. This spring they have debuted their rendition of Sleeping Beauty on March 16 in their home theatre.

Bert and Marion Shire of Regina were on hand to enjoy the sumptuous presentation filled with not only the grace and eligance that has distinguished the Royal Winnipeg but this production like their Nutcracker of the past few years, is geared to reach out to the audiance and involve them in the performance with moments of humour as well as moments of awe and precision.

Prima Ballerina Evelyn Hart is seen on the cover of the program but the opening performance was danced by the brilliant

Prima donna Jennifer Welsman, seen backstage after the performance with Mr. and Mrs. Shire at the top of the page.

It might surprise you to learn that ballet and dance in general is extremely popular in Saskatchewan with more clubs per capita than anywhere in North America.

Little Carrie Broda began dancing in Melville and when her parents moved to Regina she became part of Meyers School of Dance. As a teenager she was to the Banff summer school then later to the Winnipeg summer school. When high school ended she was off to Winnipeg where over the years she moved from student to apprentice and now to a full member of the company performing a solo in the Sleeping Beauty production.

As a part of a dance company that has a great reputation all over the world Carrie and her

fellow dancers spent almost two months last spring in South East Asia. Tours in Europe and North America are common place and everywhere the Royal Winnipeg performs audiances are amply aware of the remarkable high standards of the company while equally impressed with the bold new performances of the most recent years.

On February 28, 2002 Carrie and members of the company were seen on the CBC performing a unique performance of Dracula, A Virgin's Diary.