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FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, January 8, 2003




One of the most important things to come to understand in life is that most things are part of other things, which is to say the chaos theory is in effect and we who let that slip from our consciousness do so at our peril.




On or about December 10, 2002 a body of a forty-two year old man was found in a burned out pickup truck on the outskirts of Nipawin. For reasons unknown details of this sad event have been very sketchy but some facts are seeping out One report we received indicates that the dead man was not a local person but was a Maritimer. The story we heard indicates that the truck had been stolen from his girl friend's mother and it is alleged that he also took her purse. Though this sound like a gossipy rumor the RCMP reported no obvious cause of death while we have heard that the man was shot in the head. To add to the mystery the deceased man's girl friend and her brother are both missing.




Getting back to the chaos theory our informant alleges that the missing girl friend was none other than the wife of the late Melvin Bigsky. Mr. Bigsky you will recall was killed by police after he rammed a police car and though unarmed the RCMP officer "feared for his life" and shot the man dead.




We often cringe at the extensive and usually gory details the American media devotes to violent crime. But the plain old lack of details in Canadian press is equally disturbing. Clearly, we as members of the public do not need to hear about all the bad news that occurs but even a few of the details in this story are correct something very odd is going on with this story.




Like it or not crime is a part of our social complex world. Here at this web site we tend to focus on the big picture as best we can and leave the details of sordid personal tragedy to the commerical media outlets. But this story really puzzled me. After reading the story in the Nipawin Journal that it will take a month for lab tests to be completed I am wondering since the RCMP's crime lab in Regina is one of the best in North America what could possibly take a month?

Timothy W. Shire

  Tebbutt, Charlene, Police investigation into recent death continues, (pdf)January 2, 2003, the Nipawin Journal


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