FTLComm - Tisdale - September 29, 1998

On the East side of Tisdale sits this aging farm site which was only years ago a productive farming operation. But, time and the way of doing things seems to flow onward somewhat relentlessly. This barn was used for livestock yet now working horses are a thing of the past. The 1952 Chevy truck would have been considered a big truck in its time when it went to work on this farm only forty-six years ago. We have to consider not only what this headlong race of radical change has done to the land but what is it and has it done to us. We have seen changes in each of our lives that would have taken several generations to see similar alterations in life style and the way of doing things. Are we now expecting wholesale changes to be the norm, will farm life be replaced by corporate agriculture ventures and those who till the land soon only be employees struggling to earn a living? The present was not achieved without a struggle.