FTLComm - Near Wakaw - November 17, 1998
This large beaver lodge has clearly been a feature of this creek for some time but it would appear that someone has decided that the busy rodents have exceeded their welcome in the area. Their damn has been breached and the water it held released leaving a lot of ice slabs. If you look closely in the image above or the QuickTime VR panorama below you will notice the devastation to the trees in the area by the beavers, even knocking a large tree over unto an old log cabin on the left hand side of the former pond. Across the highway the grove of Aspen trees the follows the little creek are about half knocked down from Beaver forestry. It always puzzled me that this toothy rodent was picked as Canada's animal symbol. The late Chief Dan George, the noted actor, once commented that White men were a lot like Beaver, always busy digging and backing up streams and that their industry was not always positive toward the environment.