FTLComm - Tisdale - April 28, 1999
For many the new season does not involve the latest hardware from Silicon Valley or Detroit but is what's the latest in human powered conveyance. This year looks like its on the way to being a bit of a novelty year. The standard two wheeler is now the rough tough mountain bike and these bicycles with their straight handle bars and grip tires, front and back are holding their own at $200 and more. Though some stores offer lower price ones the lower priced ones have some maintenance problems and lack durability.

The product line that demands attention are those carrying the "jeep" name brand and the one above is a bicycle definitely made to handle full scale endurance testing. Coop's hardware manager told me that this is the kind of bike you buy planning to pass it on to more then one successive rider. Several of the adult bikes have frames on them like the material more usually associated with pipelines.
Though not a bicycle this vehicle certainly has fitness in mind. It has a handle brake that slows down that front wheel and is called a "Run Along". No one would dare to market a product looking like that and call it a "stroller" Though this is not an inexpensive product it has the look and feel of a safe and durable machine and with those large wheels will make taking junior out for a ride, a fun experience.
Like the product above this one has the family in mind and will turn a bicycle into a semi. Looks like a good idea, one that I could have used years ago and certain far safer then the little seat we had on the back of my wife's bike when our youngest boy was a toddler. That thing put weight over the back wheel and was not at all safe, but this unit looks like a short person would be safe as the vehicle has a low centre of gravity and a sturdy frame.

Now this one had me scratching my head a bit because this is a fourth wheel bicycle. Designed for "mom" and some one definitely smaller but it puzzled me. The sales man told me it would work with a kid learning to ride but that explanation eludes me.

I asked if there was an adult version and the answer was; "not this year"

This combination is $159 for the front unit and $149 for the back. My guess is that it will make a good conversation piece at each successive yard sale it appears in.

Now this piece of plastic will certainly make some kid drool but it carries a price tag of $179. Looks like a great design but it doesn't look like the kind of thing that will last more then one season and like the one above will go on to yard sales selling for $10.