FTLComm - Kamloops - May 14, 1999

It is amost a month now since Michael got his Harley Davidson Low Rider, he sent me these pictures of it about a week after it first arrived and promised to send me some copy to go with the pictures.

What is it about motorcycles that evokes such strong emotions. I have never successfully riden one of these things, yet in my mind, I can picture myself blasting along an open road, rumbling down a street or dominating a bridge. Pure fanatasy!

Two wheels, thundering pulsing pistons, helmet, goggles and leather jacket all a part of a mystique a world unto itself. Movies, books and television all have tried and been unsuccessful in revealing the secrets of this subculture that evolves around a simple mode of transportation. You will recall that it is not the F-14 Tomcat that sticks in ones memory from the Tom Cruise Movie Top Gun, it is him on a motorcycle racing along side a runway. I suspect that there is a link between the human mind and some common image and the nature of the motorcycle. The machine an extension of self yet a strong link from machine to the rider seems to be also a part of that image.

All I can tell you is that I burn with envy. Michael is living a dream of so many.