Merritt to Wonderland - Part 2

Merritt, British Columbia - May 15, 2001 - by: Michael Townsend

And then we entered into a very special place, the home of Ken Glasgow.

Freedom, the pursuit of it, and the need to protect ones version of it, is a pervasive theme.

In the beginning I believe it was guns (top of page) and motorcycles (above) that represented these themes for him, but over time I believe this has changed somewhat.

However his newest work in progress (above) (right) is an even bigger Hog.

I never really talked to him but chose instead to stand back and listen to him talk with others and just observe.


He is extremely well spoken, deliberate in his manner, and passionate in his tone, yet soft spoken.

But also he has the flair of an engineer. He designed a windmill to generate his own power and he has an efficient furnace constructed where in the coldest months of the year he only has to load this little building once a week. (right)

The most interesting part of what I heard him talk about was his need to do what he does.

This once creative passion seems to have been superceded with a very intense drive to express this loss of freedom in people in general.

But rather than say this, he seems compelled to shout it with these huge works of art.