Building As June Ends

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, June 26, 2001
This project on Main street was one of the first begun this year but has moved along fairly slowly, as the building develops it is looking more and more like a large duplex and from the back view you can see the addition of a two car garage to the back. Workers were on the site today.

The first house of the year over on NewMarket is structurally complete with windows installed and work progressing on the interior.

Over on the South side of town two modern homes have been brought in and set on new wood foundations, both of these have contractors working on heating, plumbing and electrical service. A four new basement is nearly finished on the South side and we will get you a picture of that site when it is determined if it is a house being moved in or one to be built.

The work on the Golden Age Centre has been on hold but the carpenters are expected to return to this project tomorrow as the structural work on it continues.

The Tisdale Housing Authority office structure is now up and the rain has delayed installing its roof.

But the big building story in Tisdale this summer is the huge number of rennovations and yard projects. Two two car garages have been built in my neighbourhood and all over town folks are having siding installed, shingles replaced, planters built and in the case of this new house (below) built last year, this one is getting its side walk and driveway. This is something you rarely see in Tisdale the cement is being made right on site.