Condo project on its way
FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, May 13, 2004

Monday morning it was time to start making holes in the ground as a crew and their equipment arrived on the scene of what is to be an eighteen suite condominium beside the Golden Age Centre.

The building will rest on the reinforced concrete columns dug into the ground filled with rebar and concrete. It took all of Monday and Tuesday to drill the holes and lower the reinforcing steel into each hole then Little's Redimix was on hand to fill each hole with cement.

The drilling crew and other contractors began to turn the site into a construction project with each passing hour. The clay that forms the surface material around Tisdale is easy to drill through without rocks to contend with each hole was completed quickly with a BobCat clearing away the dug up clay and moving the rebar into place.

A concrete pad that forms the floor of the garage is the centre part of the project while a series of holes were drilled around the perimeter to steady the foundation for the exterior of the building.

I stood with Mr. Chupa as the process went on late Wednesday afternoon as he was on hand to dig in the space for the exterior foundation and the water and sewer service to the street. He had to wait until the hole drilling

and cement pouring was complete before he could get his back hoe into position.

By supper time (below) he had the water and sewer service installed but would be on the job until nearly eleven last night running the lines to the appropriate locations then digging out the area around the exterior for the construction of the foundation forms that took place today. These foundation forms are a full four feet tall and by late afternoon today two of the four forms were in place.

A project like this one involves the coordination of a lot of different contractors and trades who must be on hand when the

time comes for their work to be carried out.

This morning the town crew opened up the street to join the lines Mr. Chupa had installed with the town water and sewer systems. This involved a very large excavation that took the whole day to complete as the street was dug up the lines put in place with the necessary shut off valves then sand and gravel put in around the lines and the whole project back filled and packed as the street traffic in this location is heavy, the street has to be be

reconstructed to handle the weight that will come on the fresh excavation immediately.

The scene above was at 8:00 this morning and the the scene on the right was at 3:30 this afternoon as the back filling process was nearing completion.

Below Mr. Chupa is finishing up the lines beneath what will soon be the garage floor as workmen continue setting up the perimeter forms. In this picture you can see sand placed in the area which will soon be the foundation for the outside portion of the building.

It is always surprising to note the enormous progress made in the early stages of a building's construction. A week ago today Mr. Chupa was just clearing the top soil from the site.

Timothy W. Shire


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