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FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, December 3, 2004

This morning Chupa's Excavation and Trucking backhoe walked by on its way to work. Having cleaned up a small house on the south side of town on Saturday the appetite has grown and today the house above was on the menu.

The taxes on this vacant house are actually just about even with the cost of removing it and this lot will be ready for a new house next year. This process of removing older houses in existing neighbourhoods is completely upgrading the core portion of Tisdale and many blocks have no older houses left on them.

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The house below, which sits just across the street east of the Golden Age Centre is on the menu for Friday as it will be crushed and hauled to the town landfill creating yet another space for a new house.
The extreme use of the Golden Age Centre on the west side of Tisdale has attracted a flurry of construction this year as the new MapleRidge eighteen unit condo is on its way to completion and three new homes, two already finished are just along the north west side of the Centre.

It is expected that once the available lots have been built upon other older houses in the area will join this one at the dump. Being less than a block from the Golden Age Centre with its daily activities is a remarkable attraction to people in the surrounding area.

There are many positive aspects of this process includies the reduction of infastructure costs for the town and the renewal of neighbourhood after neighbourhood increases the value of all the houses in the area.

Timothy W. Shire


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